Empowering HR with Deborah Wilkes by Leadership Luminaries

"HR should have a seat at the top table. Right? But what does HR need to do to get there?

As we continue to shift towards a more people-centric approach in the new world, HR has become an extremely hot topic! Research shows that executive leadership wants and needs an HR business partner who adds value to the organisation and bottom line.

One of our sensational partners PeopleSmart SAS has released a new podcast episode with their host Michael Banks and their incredible guest and HR expert Deborah Wilkes FCIPD (Managing Director at enable-hr ) who pulls back the curtain on how HR can secure an equal place at the table!

Deborah shares her reasons HR historically has never been on the same page as business leaders and how practitioners can leverage the increased credibility and visibility they have gained over the past two years to challenge business leaders by speaking ‘the language of business, being more assertive, being ‘Politically Intelligent’ and having the courage to push back and be part of the strategy conversation from the beginning versus being invited to the party down the line as mere implementers.

To listen to this rich and inspiring episode and to learn more about 'HR MATURITY' Click HERE!


About PeopleSmart

PeopleSmart provides innovative learning solutions, both virtual and in-person, to organisations in many countries, cultures and languages, focusing on leadership and people development in the context of digital transformation, change management, culture change and the increasing need for Emotional Intelligence.

We do this through a dedicated network of 65+ consultants working globally, providing a broad range of Consulting, Coaching and Learning Services to a wide variety of industries and clients in over 20 languages.

PeopleSmart supports companies through transitions by offering practical, easy to implement and effective interventions. And in our virtual offerings, our consultants use the latest, cutting edge technologies and tools to provide rich and participatory learning experiences.