Demystifying the new ways of work

The COVID19 crisis has accelerated this monumental requirement for employers to rethink the new ways of work and make decisions quickly. As a result of this urgency in this new normal, organisations are still navigating what are the best strategies, programmes and technologies to implement, in order to support their employees and drive business forward.

To better understand how companies are shaping the new ways of work, our partner, CoachHub surveyed over 1,000 senior HR decision-makers across UK, Germany, France and Italy. In the research CoachHub discovered how companies are shaping the new ways of work - what has worked, what hasn’t worked, how they are defining success and where they are going from here. In the research study we unveil:

  • The competencies needed to thrive in the new ways of work
  • How HR are supporting their employees to embrace these competencies
  • What change management tool are being provided
  • How they are facilitating individual requirements

The Business Transformation shared this research study in partnership with CoachHub.