Cybersecurity as a Priority for the Future

We need to get the UK’s 5.8 Million SMB’s Cyber Secure and Fast – They are already suffering from Brexit – losing money to crooks is a bridge too far.

Recently it was announced that IASME ( Information Assurance for SME’s ) was appointed as the sole Cyber Essentials Partner as of April 2020.

Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber-attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cybersecurity seriously.

The Government wants the UK’s SMB’s to be cyber secure and fast. Of 5.8 Million SMB’s around 30,000 had become certified either at the Cyber Essentials (self-certification) level or the Cyber Essentials Plus ( Independently assessed ) level.

Being cyber secure is the priority, being certified is of secondary importance.

In my view, the objective of the restructure is to get many more SMB’s cybersecure as soon as possible and faster than would have been possible under the current structure. 

2 years ago LuJam was asked to develop it’s solution so that we could provide “ Continuous Monitoring against the Cyber Essentials standard “. Cyber Essentials is an annual re-certification and the day after certification something could be changed that would open up a vulnerability.

We provide 24-7, 365 monitoring that will stop 95% of the cyber attacks that SME’s suffer.

We were also asked to provide this solution so that it was simple to use and low cost – say the price of a mobile phone contract.

We also needed to work in conjunction with the typical current cybersecurity employed i.e. Anti Virus and perhaps firewalls ( although these are rarely set up correctly in the SMB ). 

Within 7 days of our solution being deployed into an SME they will be monitored and assessed to the Cyber Essentials standard and a list of actions needed to get to a point where 95 % of cyber attacks will be foiled identified.

We work mainly with trusted advisers to the SMB i.e. Managed Service Providers, Internet Service Providers and Cyber Security Consultants.

Typically they are the ones deploying our solution, monitoring it and rectifying any issues highlighted.

Following the Cyber Essentials restructure what is really important is that all parties work together in a positive frame of mind to achieve “ Mission Possible “. Included in the people that need to work together are our Partner MSP’s. Cyber Security Consultants, Cyber Insurance Underwriters and Brokers, the Cyber Protection Officers from the local ROCU/RCCU and also heads of Supply Chains.


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The Business Transformation Network has posted this webinar in partnership with LuJam and was written by Chris Windley.