The Cyber Security Landscape – Why partnership is key to making it simple

How do you make the most risk-averse decisions for your technology investments when your day-to-day duties mean your knowledge, time and resources are over-stretched?

Each year meticulously analyse the cyber industry and their detailed “Cyber Security Landscape” graphic below is a perfect example of why SMBs can feel overwhelmed when it comes to making technology decisions for their business.

Source: Momentum Cyber, Cyber Security Almanac 2018

As you can see from the image above, there are so many different companies operating across all sectors of cybersecurity. Even if you consider the basic elements – Firewalls and Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus/ Anti-malware) – The graphic above shows you have 51 individual vendors to choose from! With such a crowded marketplace, it can be overwhelming for smaller organisations to make that first step.

SMBs just don’t have the time or resource in-house to evaluate all the options. We know that technical jargon can be intimidating, and cybersecurity can be a minefield, one that can be very tricky to navigate without the right support.

Which is why 58% of small businesses have already sought information, advice or guidance about cybersecurity in the last 12 months.

 At NTE our mission is to help you navigate the security landscape, by focusing on your required business outcomes and budgets. Why? So SMBs are better equipped to tackle challenges cost-effectively, and with confidence that they are receiving clear advice. 

In order to deliver on our mission of simple, robust, security services we must take on board our own advice: “Adopt a defence-in-depth approach” and “Consider people, process and technology.”

Defence-in-depth really refers to making sure you have the correct technology solutions at various layers in your business. This differs depending on how your business is structured, but at a basic level it includes the following:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Network
  • Endpoints

However, technology alone will NOT stop a cyber-attack, which is where process and people come into the equation. You must implement robust business processes; this will enable you to respond correctly to any incidents. Perhaps more importantly, you must train your staff! Most security-related incidents are down to human error; therefore it makes sense to empower your employees to know how to take the correct action.


The key to delivering simple services is through working closely with like-minded, innovative organisations that focus on and deliver the solution components. Just as SMBs want to work with organisations that understand their business outcomes, we at NTE need to do the same. Forward-thinking organisations that get why it’s so important to simplify the cyber landscape.

Two such companies are LuJam Cyber and Custodian 360.

LuJam Cyber

“We believe that cyber protection should be available, accessible and understandable for every business.” LuJam Cyber realised that small and mid-sized businesses need similar levels of cybersecurity to that enjoyed by major enterprises but delivered in a way that was easy for a business owner or manager to use, without having to be an IT specialist.

Custodian 360

Custodian 360 specialises in antivirus and ransomware protection for businesses, offering state of the art monitoring and fortification solutions to suit your budget. “Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting all shapes and sizes of business worldwide and the growth in virus attacks on businesses of all sizes is shocking. Avoid downtime in your critical systems and the cost associated with manual management of your antivirus solution with Custodian360.”

We’re working closely with Chris Windley and Nikki Webb to bring the innovative technology of their respective company’s together into our new cyber security services portfolio. Collectively we all understand how important it is to make cyber security robust, simple and importantly accessible to SMBs through easy to consume services.

Through our partnership, we’re able to service our customers right across the UK and we’re all hearing the same concerns from businesses:

  1. We’re concerned about general security and we want clear advice
  2. We feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of service choices available to us
  3. We’re frustrated that most suppliers are just spoon-feeding us products & services with no thought to what we want to achieve

If any of this sounds familiar, then you should consider connecting with us. You can check out our services here:

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