Conversation without Listening is Not Communication by Alie Jules

"Most people don't listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply." Stephen R. Covey

You are walking down a corridor, on your way to a meeting or to have a conversation. Your mind is running on a loop through your talking points, your arguments, your agenda.

Still in your head, you grab the door handle and enter - ready for your showdown.

How often do we enter a conversation or a meeting with the sole focus of getting our point across?

We ignore the other participant/s altogether. We pretend to listen or think we are listening. But really, we are just thinking about our story and how to deliver knock-out come-backs.

Here's the thing:

Communication is a two-way street. It's a dialogue.

Yet we spend the majority of any conversation in our heads. In our thoughts. On our points. Shut down to any and all ideas from others. Shut down to any legitimate concerns.

Communication is not just about delivering a clear message.

It's about listening - really listening with the intent to understand. It's about collaboration - two (or more) heads are better than one. It's about keeping on open mind and embracing curiosity. It's about respect, caring, and kindness between one another.

Becoming a better communicator is for everyone - whether you are a CEO, manager, or employee. Becoming a better listener benefits everyone.

Next time you are heading to the meeting or to have a conversation - before your hand reaches for the door handle - pause. Take a breath. Clear your mind. Enter.

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Stephen R. Covey


They say I should write here an impressive summary of my accomplishments, preferably talking about myself in the third person, to showcase my best professional self.

They say a lot of things...
I do the opposite.

I don't have a 7-minute solution to anything.
But I do have thoughts, insights, and experience, all of which I share with you.

You can't squeeze me into a box.
It's been tried, it didn't work.

What I am not:
I'm an author of no New York Times Bestseller.
I'm unranked as the top Modern Leadership Expert.
I'm (hopefully) somewhere in the 5,869,329 of the top creative and strategic minds in business & marketing. (crossing fingers)
I'm the un-influencer according to non-influencers everywhere.
I'm not the "father of anything" (duh).

I'm a listener to leaders (sometimes I speak, rarely do I whisper...)
I'm a speaker to many - of the topics that should be shared.
I'm a sharer of strategies and tactics to help you succeed.

In other words:
Modern Leadership Advisor
Strategy & Digital Marketing Consultant
Keynote Speaker
Writer (a book you ask? it's in the works)

Always learning.
Always exploring.
Always testing.
Incrementally improving.