Content of the Year Shortlist

2018 has been a great year for The BTN... We've started a podcast, conducted our own conference - Excellence in Leadership, hosted a BTN record-breaking number of private roundtable events and content, built multiple new partnerships, including Sage People and RTM, and have grown considerably across the board.

We wanted to celebrate it by reviewing and reliving your favourite pieces of content this year! 

So welcome to The BTN Content of the Year Awards Shortlist! You can vote for your favourite content pieces within each category; People, Process and Technology, with nominees taken from your most viewed statistics.



 Max Blumberg - HR Analytics: Who’s Fooling You? 

 Paul Matthews - Saving L&D Budget with Performance Consultancy 

 Jackson David - The Evolution of Employee Engagement: A Shift to Employee Experiences 

 Ankita Poddar - Do People Really Care About HR? 

 Roderic Yapp - 10 Questions that Uncover High Performers… 

 Devyani Vaishampayan - Technology that will be defining HR and Employee Experience in 2018 and Beyond  

 Cherron Inko-Tariah - The Power of Staff Networks 



 Karen Walker - When Narcissist Leaders Silence Organisations; The Damage  can be Lethal

 Vivienne Edgecombe - There’s No Such Thing as ‘Difficult People’ 

 Suzie Lewis - Organisational Change in a Digital World - Can we separate them? 

 Michael Fekete - Creating Sustainable Transformation in your Organisation 

 Sandie Bakowski - Building a Change Network that Works

 Nick Kemp - Agile Transformation: Same Old Change Approach 

 Vikram Jain - Enterprise Agile Transformations - Why They're a Marathon, Not a Sprint



 Bertrand Maltaverne - New Era of Big Data in Procurement

Antony Cousins - Cultural Transformation for Digital Transformation

 Prasoon Mukherjee - Privacy by Design 

 Andrei Klubnikin - Top 6 UX Design Trends for 2018 

 Chris Micklethwaite - What is Digital Transformation? 

 Deepthi Rajan - A Recipe for Digital Transformation  

 Predictive Hire - AI Makes Resumes Redundant. Now it’s Disrupting your Interviews 



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Content of Year 2018