Beyond COVID-19: Cloud Migration is transforming the Legal Sector

Introduction: The Legal sector at present

The accelerated spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the daily activities of communities in areas that were labelled an amber or red zone. The regulations for national disasters were under Law No.24 of 2007 regarding ‘Disaster Management.

The COVID-19 pandemic has called for lawyers, courts, judges, and others (including Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) practitioners) of the justice system to pivot their technological operations in a short timeframe. Additionally, innovation has been delayed by inertia within the sector and is challenging many individuals to rethink how technology can continue to support delivered outcomes without increasing the delays the pandemic has brought. It placed added pressure on legal systems to deviate toward technological change.

The uncertainty of realisation for the ‘new normal’ has caused organisations to chart the course towards a ‘digital transformation’ era, moving towards cloud computing.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated the company had witnessed its customers quickly adopt solutions during the pandemic, leading to a speed-up of two years’ worth of digital transformation implemented within two months.

The previous conversations regarding Cloud computing were mainly regarding modern infrastructure for leading innovations, efficient time to market production and cost-effectiveness. Despite the pandemic bringing many setbacks, it has offered companies beneficial factors such as:

• Power of flexibility

• Computing

• Easy availability

• Swift disaster recovery

• Lower production cost for backup

• Resilient core for business process

• Business continuity

• Legacy skill risk


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