Be Your Best Self

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to be prepared for everything!

It is well known that there are a number of intelligence skills that can improve the efficiency, productivity and engagement within the workplace, but there are only a few that are focused on, like emotional intelligence (EQ). There are many others that aren't considered in the day-to-day. We all know about IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but IQ is just the beginning when it comes to enabling ourselves to reach our potential and power up our best selves.

Our partner, Sponge and their associated organisation Skill Pill have a Power of ‘Q’ series which explores the different aspects of intelligence, including emotional (EQ), digital (DQ), and creative (CQ), which are needed to thrive in the modern workplace. Working alongside this series, they have launched a diagnostics quiz designed to discover where your intelligence lies and to help organisations stop measuring and start discovering the potential of their people. By identifying the 'Q's' that you are strong in, you can then look at what you need to upskill, which in turn can help strengthen your team and allow your team members to openly bring their different skills to the table.

Do you ever feel lacking in certain areas? Social Intelligence, Purpose, Execution? Would you be interested in learning where your strengths are and where could you potentially improve?


Take this quiz today, to help you identify the areas you and people in your organisation want to improve on in 2021.


The Business Transformation Network has shared this quiz and piece in partnership with Sponge.