95 Percent of People Say This Would Make Them Happier at Work by Jill Christensen

According to a new survey by the career website Flexjobs, 95 percent of people say having a more flexible job would make them happier.  Why?  From giving them more time, to take care of themselves, to decreasing their overall stress levels, to enabling them to be a better spouse or parent, to having more work/life balance, flexibility takes the edge off as it gives people options.

The option to work remotely has not only proven beneficial for employees, but employers as well.  Research shows that people who work from home are happier and more productive than those who work in an office.  And a Stanford University study shows a 13 percent improvement in performance from people working at home, plus a 50 percent reduction in resignations.

In addition, Millennials and Gen Zs – who now make up 50% of the workforce – say they value flexibility over stability in the workplace.  They want unlimited time off and the freedom to work from anywhere vs. being chained to a desk like many of their predecessors.

WHAT CAN I DO, JILL?  Get creative and stop clinging to the status quo!  There are many types of flexible work arrangements, which makes it easier for you to choose the one that works best for your employees and customers.  Here are seven options to consider as you embrace building a culture that breeds happy, engaged workers.


Jill Christensen is an Employee Engagement Expert, Best-Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker and Top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencer.

She is one of the most in-demand and top-rated female speakers in the world today.  Named a Top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencer, she takes audiences on a journey that educates and inspires people to act.  In three short years, Jill has been booked to present her proven strategy to re-engage employees to more than 150,000 people in 21 industries, 38 U.S. states, and seven countries.

A former Fortune 500 business executive with a Six Sigma Green Belt, Jill understands how organizations operate, and what they need to do differently to attract, retain, and engage employees.  This makes her a valuable asset to any organization that wants to increase productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, and profitable revenue growth.

Her book, If Not You, Who? How to Crack the Code of Employee Disengagement, is a global best-seller, and her popular weekly blog was named a Top 100 Corporate Blog alongside of Apple and Microsoft.