5 Reasons Why Video Interviewing is the Next Game Changer for the Recruitment Industry

Video CV

Amongst others, the written CV, the email, and then Linkedin, all disrupted recruitment methodology and process. Now video technology will be the next game changer for the recruitment industry.

There is no doubt.

Video is proliferating as a mainstream communications method both at home and within organisations, it is a matter of time before it becomes a mainstream recruitment tool.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  •   Personality and Culture Fit Screening: Recruitment at its simplest is the matching of skills and personality fit to a job requirement. Video enables a recruiter to screen, and demonstrate, personality fit in a way that a telephone call will never allow.
  •   Process Efficiency and Improvement: How many times do we send a CV through and then the client meets them and say wrong fit? Now a recruiter can record a live interview and forward to the client saving everybody time and making the recruitment process more accurate and efficient. Video leads to a client spending less time interviewing the wrong people.
  •  International and Remote Recruitment: The World is becoming a smaller place. Video enables recruiters to ‘see’ candidates even when it is not possible to meet them. International recruiters can only physically be in one place in the World at any one time, yet video allows them to ‘see’ and interview in person candidates anywhere, instantly.
  •  Emphasis on Brand and Sales: With the proliferation of video interviewing there will be an increasing emphasis and opportunity for personal brand, content, impact and presentation. This will lead to opportunities for recruiters to become personal brand career consultants and help people in the development of their work history stories and career progression futures. In addition, hiring managers will be able to present themselves and their businesses to candidates much more effectively, via video. Head hunters will strive to gain video IDs to live call potential candidates and ‘hang out’ in a way that does not currently occur, this evolving methodology will have a profound effect on the recruitment sector and move head hunters back into the sphere of instantaneous face to face interaction, away from emails trying to hook attention.
  •   Improvement of Diversity and Employability: Clients often dismiss candidates for reasons such as not having relevant sector experience on the CV. The development of video interviewing will enable candidates to promote themselves further by showing the potential employer who the candidate really is and why they feel they have the skills and capabilities for the role. The video interview will give greater opportunity for candidates to promote in person the transferability of their experience which will further employability and increase the ability for candidates to move into new career paths and roles.

Annapurna were looking at how to best harness this new technology and decided to partner with the team at Hinterview to now provide market leading video interviewing services for their clients and candidates.

After analysing all of the products currently available on the market, the Hinterview product was by far the most advanced and functional product available, with functionality specifically aimed at the agency market (unlike other providers). Annapurna is really looking forward to seeing how the impacts listed above improve our service offering in our aim to become the 'World’s Leading Responsible Search Firm'.