4000 recruiter sign-ups, with no marketing: this blockchain app and LinkedIn competitor is on fire

The jobs market is flooded with embellished CVs, fake references and dirty data. 86% of employers have uncovered lies or misrepresentations on a resume, and the other 14% presumably don’t look hard enough. Candidate verification is expensive and slow for the recruiter, and off-putting for the candidate – hence why we are witnessing an upsurge in movements like Hiring Without Whiteboards, and a disdain for HR and recruiters in general.

It’s why Recruitd is building a platform that will utilise blockchain technology to pull all of a candidate’s basic employment-related details – identity, right to work, education, references, experience and work history – into one block. That block is automatically validated by the network and indelibly associated with an electronic signature, meaning candidates, recruiters and employers are spared many of the arduous touchpoints in the screening process.

When combined with P2P ratings and reviews, this has the potential to create a decentralized ranking of job-seekers per skillset, job type and industry.

Most predictions about blockchain in HR see the technology making recruiters redundant – but the minds behind the Recruitd app think very differently. Despite spending nothing on advertising, the app is gaining significant traction in the recruiter demographic, and will go live to its 4000-strong testing community this week – to arrange an interview with Recruitd’s CEO to discuss how the company plans to disrupt the jobs market with blockchain and reposition the recruitment agency as the best source for hiring and job-seeking, please contact Khadija via email: khadija@recruitd.co.uk.


The Business Transformation Network has posted this article in partnership with Recruitd.