3 Teachable Things and 5 Unteachable Things That Every Leader Should Know by Khairul Anwar

Leadership development is very key in today’s business environment. The leaders are getting younger, the leadership cycle is getting shorter and the cost to retain good leaders is getting higher. If you desire to become a great leader, consider this suggestion...

Here are the 3 teachable things, on goal setting and behavioural change, that highly successful leaders can use to better their game (General Goal – Behaviour Desired – If-Then Action)

General Goal Behaviour Desired If-Then Action
1. Build better relationships with the sales team to improve sales numbers. Commit one hour per week for lunch with sales team members to get to know them and understand how to motivate and deal with them. If I am reviewing my weekly schedule on Monday morning, then I will call a sales team member to schedule a lunch meeting.
2. Become more personally connected to subordinates. Participate with subordinates once a week in informal activities, to learn more about their personal lives. If I am invited to join the team lunch or birthday celebration, then I will find a way to make time and say yes.
3. Demonstrate strategic thinking. Offer support or be assertive to critique the proposed strategy and the reasoning behind my position. If a discussion about strategy occurs during an executive team meeting, then I will offer my opinion concerning the proposed strategy along with my rationale.

While there are many things we could teach leaders, there are 5 Unteachable things that we can’t. Here are the 5 things, according to my friend, Mr Ridzuan Buasan (Senior Vice President, Talent Management and Organizational Development at Prasarana Malaysia Berhad)

  1. Will – defined as the “ability to control your thoughts and actions in order to achieve what you want to do.”
  2. Drive – defined as the “strong desire or need in people.”
  3. Agility – defined as the “ability to move quickly and easily.”
  4. Sincerity – defined as the “act of showing feelings or beliefs of what you really feel or think.”
  5. Passion – defined as the “very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger or enthusiasm.”

Leaders, start teaching while you can, because it is the hallmark of super great leaders.

Great leaders? Teach!


Khairul Anwar puts a premium on innovation and execution simply because it’s the only measure of success. Currently, he is an active advocate of design thinking and leadership development. DT LEADERSHIP SDN. BHD. interest is in people development, leadership behavioural change and innovation skills development.