The 3 Mistakes I See Coaches Make by Emily Wysock-Wright

If you’ve landed here wondering what the magic ingredient is to creating a successful coaching business, then let me enlighten you.

Success isn’t an elusive pot of gold, but if right now, you’re feeling overworked with no return, undervalued and questioning what it is you’re doing wrong, to then end the day with ‘maybe this isn’t for me’... it can feel a challenge to know what to do next.

I have worked with many women who have strived and worked for success their whole lives, who believed winning and being the best was the greatest accomplishment and that in doing so would bring them the inner peace, happiness and fulfilment they were searching for.

Many of these women, have also left their jobs and pursued careers within the coaching space on their quest to ignite their success through a way of service, but they are feeling frustrated, overworked and overwhelmed, not reaching income goals or fulfilling the goals. 

So I guess, they are right, what is the point?

If you are challenged with not attracting clients, but you really WANT to create impact in the way you design your life, so you can reach more income goals and feel fulfilled in doing so, but instead you’re experiencing being paralysed by fear of not enough; not enough money, not being a good enough leader, not having enough success, then you might be making one or all of the the following mistakes.

  • Not owning your space and allowing your potential clients to see you from a place of authority. If you are finding yourself doing ALL the things, putting your content out there, engaging with dream clients but they’re NOT buying from you, this is probably because they don’t see you as the ‘person to go to’.
  • Copying the strategies of a coach you deem as more successful than you, with the hope that this will generate you leads and clients. The challenge with this, is energetically speaking, if they have successfully achieved step 1 and stepped in to their space confident to serve their clients, they have surpassed the belief’s of ‘not enough’ and will be coming from a place of authenticity. 
  • Avoiding doing all of the things which they know will help grow their business and serve their clients, this includes not feeling comfortable to ask for the sale and therefore not generating income OR feeling fulfilled by service. I always teach with visibility, do what you LOVE doing, and when you come from that place, their is no stickiness or procrastination when it comes to taking action.Your success is unique and if you own your space, do your mindset work to overcome your blocks and limitations, then you will see the power you have in your own strategy.

I always come back to...

‘It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you are being’. 

I embody my clients' transformation first, always, and when it comes to taking them to the next level, then I go to the next level with them. 

When things don’t feel good, it’s because they’re not for you. 

The beauty of being in this space is you get to play with your own magic to be known for what you do, and recognised for your great work, so you can experience that 360 fulfilment through life and work. Not only this, but to come from a place of authority and connection within your industry and tap into that feeling of ‘unstoppable’ to serve and create more. 

Don’t give up, you are so worthy of your own version of success. 

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Emily is a multi-certified Transformation Coach and Integrative Business Coach who specialises in supporting female entrepreneurs to rewire their mindsets, integrate intimacy and claim their deepest desires for wealth, love and pleasure.