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When I first came to the UK in 2008, I had already lived, worked and travelled in several European cities
The majority of both Wall Street and Main Street believe we’re  
Maximize engagement from an employee’s first day on the job to their last.
Sales coaching is key for revenue organizations to continue to hit quota quarter after quarter but, unfortunately, teams continue to consistently m
Some years ago, AI and ML were privileged and mainly used within tech giants.
On the 16th November 2021, The BTN hosted The #ERUPT2021 Conference which to
The evolution of the ability that consumers now have to search, browse, purchase, review and connect at the touch of a button has created a revolvi
Why do today’s eCommerce apps need to be extremely fast and efficient?
Modernizing the contact centre is critical for credit unions to capitalize on the greatest generational transf
Fancy explaining to your Board, shareholders and the City how you managed to waste over £100m and years of time and effort for nothing? 
The key role operating models have in business transformation Introduction 
Being able to successfully establish and execute transformation and change programmes is a key element in enabling you to achieve strategic goals a