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The BTN has partnered with the UX Conference to offer an exclusive discount for our members.
In the latest video for the BTN, Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) speaks about indoor positioning and unified networks. 
He explains how technological advancements such as VR and 4K are affecting the IT industry with a particular focus on Sweden.
In the latest video for the Business Transformation Network, Joachim Hedenius looks at the future of technology with a particular focus within the
In the latest exclusive video for the BTN, Bjorn Ovar Johansson concludes his conversation about why communication is critical for CIOs and gives s
In the latest exclusive video for the BTN, Bjorn Ovar Johansson opens up the conversation about why communication is critical for CIOs and gives so
In einem exklusiven Interview für das BTN spricht Björn Minkmar, Head of Strategic Business bei Wer liefert Was?
Great ideas, people and discussions with one of the most diverse audiences we have yet seen at our TTN events.
In einem exklusiven Interview für das TTN spricht Dr.
In this video from Slobodan Utvić (Co-founder & Lead Architect at ComTravo), he looks at Microservices from a first-hand experience.
In this exclusive video for the TTN, Kai Wähner (Community Director and Technology Evangelist at TIBCO Software Inc.) looks at Microservices, what
In dem zweiten Teil des exklusiven Interviews für das Technology Transformation Network spricht Egger über Human Centered Design, die Zukunftspersp
In einem exklusiven Interview für das TTN, spricht Zukunftsexperte Daniel Egger über “Die Zukunft der Innovation und Innovation Labs”. Sehen Sie de
Hosted by The Technology Transformation Network and Annapurna IT with the London Python Meetup Group.
Das Technology Transformation Network veranstaltete letzte Woche ein Event in München zum Thema “Technische Innovation in der Industrie 4.0”, in de
In this exclusive video for the TTN from David Charles, CTO at Cobe.io, Dave looks at the history of monitoring.
In this exclusive video for the TTN, Lawrence De’Ath (Senior Partner, Product & Technology at Digital Works Consulting) looks at how Enterprise
In this exclusive video for the TTN, Rainar looks at the experience of moving to automated testing.
In this video for the TTN, Robert Gimbel looks at 'effort estimation' within a developer environment.
Heiko Meyerdirks "Transforming a monolithic Desktop application into a cloud-connected subscription offering"
In this exclusive video for the TTN, Alexander Thomas looks at Personalisation of the User Experience.
In einem exklusiven Video für das TTN spricht Marek Möckel über aktuelle Themen im UX Bereich und wirft einen Blick in die Zukunft und beleuchtet e
The TTN hosted an event on DevOps on Wed 25th November at Traveltech Labs, London.
The TTN brings you a video from Mariusz Ciesla, a Digital Product Designer based in Berlin, about 'The Evolution of Design' within a company enviro
In this exclusive video for the TTN, Martina Mitz looks at UX & UI.
Following on from the Technology Transformation Network’s first international event in Berlin hosted by Eberhart Wolff about ‘Many Roads Lead to Mi
Great beer, great talk, great conversation: Food for thought on Microservices in the Inaugural TTN event in Berlin
Die TTN wird am 30. September 2015 ein Event zum Thema Microservices veranstalten, welches von Eberhard Wolff geleitet werden wird.
This week, the TTN brings together a few articles from both the UK and DACH market within the Technology market.
Jason discusses in the following video the benefits and value offered by tools and discusses a fourth factor (other than cost leverage, reduction o
Markus discusses in the following video about how to respond in a human way to the need for constant change and innovation.
This week, the Technology Transformation Network brings you a couple of topics of interest from both the UK & DACH market.
Allan Aitchison delivers a presentation on Aligning IT with a focus on delivering business advantage through technology-enabled change.
Vortrag von Dr. Raoul-Thomas Herborg auf den CeBIT Conferences am 18.3.2015 zum Thema mobile Sicherheit und BYOD in Unternehmen. 
Interview am CeBIT Messestand mit der Dr.
Imagine a robot that can play and execute player actions the way people do.
Michael Smart is a senior User Experience (UX) designer.
Dr Ian McDonald is a seasoned IT professional with a wealth of experience in numerous organisations such as Datacom, Symbian, News UK and most rece
In this latest video, Jon Allen, SAP Programme Manager with global experience in the Oil and Gas industry discusses the framework required to estab
Tariq Rashid, here speaking in a personal capacity, is focused on reforming and modernising how complex organisations create services that meet peo