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The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on ‘Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent’ in Design Offices in central Mun
‘How does the internet work?’ Is a question that defies a simple, short answer… ‘Because it does…’ may not satisfy the more inquisitive… a lesson I
Replying to emails on-the-go, BYOD strategies and remote working can make it harder than ever for organisations to keep tabs on their employee's ne
As we reach one of the high points of each year’s conference season, one has to reflect once more on the staggering number of products and vendors
It’s hard to imagine the business world today without PowerPoint.
In part 2 of this exclusive video series, Erkan Kasap (Interim Head of Engineering at Ottonova & Founder at thecoachpunk) looks at what compani
In discussions with our partners, I emphasise the " MissionPossibleCyber " Mission which - as I see it - has the backing of GCHQ,NCSC and IASME. Th
In part 2 of this exclusive video series (following on a successful BTN event in Munich on topic 'Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent'), Jasenko
In the noughties there was a trend to consider IT a cost that had to be controlled and minimised.
There is a common fear amongst employees in service industries like food & beverage that the increased effort for automation through machines w
How do you make the most risk-averse decisions for your technology investments when your day-to-day duties mean your knowledge, time and resources
Mobile learning is the key to effective learning and development today.