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The BTN recently partnered with Synk, a developer security platform for securing code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code for an
The cyber security transformative urgency in many firms forces to look beyond traditional technology profiles
In this part of the article, feel free to learn about the transformation to a new Internet era, Web 3.0, and its benefits for increasing operat
What is now required is political acumen, managerial experience and personal gravitas, more than raw technology skills.
Look at it in all its dimensions before jumping to ready-made solutions
Three Axes of Discussion to Build up a Cyber Security Agenda at Board Level
We live in pretty amazing times, don’t we. Wish to join a good old school lesson?
The times have gone when the CISO had to explain what cyber security was about and the value it brought
Finding top talent today can sometimes feel like a sparring match in a Roman colosseum.
A recent study by Forrester Research, commissioned by Experian, has identified the critical challenges for Telecommunication Operators (Telcos) in
When some people say they don’t know what to do around cyber, you may want to ask them where they have been for the last 10 years…
Brady Gentile from Cloudflare's product team wrote an 
In an era where attacks are increasingly more sophisticated, it is critical that the defensive capabilities you employ can collect, assemb
Recently, RiskRecon, a Mastercard Company, founder Kelly White, sat down with Sam Olyaei, Director at Gartner Research, and Errol Weiss, Chief Secu
When you invest time and energy in creating content, you want it to make an impact. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.  
By Mike Bollinger, Global Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Cornerstone
Created in collaboration with TALiNT Partners, our “Data-driven diversity” whitepaper is the result of an insightful roundtable attended by a selec
Stop buying more tech for the sake of it and start focusing on the decluttering of your cyber security landscape.
Within part 2 of this discussion around ‘QA and Digital Transformation’ in partnership with a1qa
The key around cyber security remains Execution, Execution and Execution
Within part 1 of this discussion around ‘QA and digital transformation’ in partnership with a1qa
Written by Marten Cureton and Tom Sadler
In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa,
We welcome another insightful leader Randyl Tabajonda (Senior Manager - Second Line of D
The science of sales is not as black and white as we used to work by.
In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality’ in partnership with a1qa,
We welcome another insightful leader Preeti Puppala (Software Quality Engineerin
As kids (okay, and as adults too), we’d gaze at the shapes of clouds in the sky and talk about what they looked like to us. Today, in a technology
In part 2 of this series around ‘Future Strategies in Engineering Quality' in Partnership with a1qa,
We welcome another insightful leader Deepak Chinnam (Head of Cross-Platform Services at
Ensuring Successful Microsegmentation Projects: Why You Need a New Approach
Disruption may be an overused term, but it certainly is appropriate for financial services. And it’s leaving banks in a quandary.
Today, we’ve discussed with Mike Urbanovich, Head of testing department at a1qa, how to set up a solid test automation strategy.
The PCI certification process is quite comprehensive and relates to infrastructure, software and employee access to systems, in particular to datas