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Kim Wylie (Global Director of People Development at Farfetch) is speaking on a panel "Building a Digital Mindset/Culture" at 9 am on Tuesday 19th N
Thomas Davies (Founder & CEO at Temporall) is speaking on "The Role of the People and Culture in Transforming Organisations" at 2:30 pm on Mond
Andrew Fox (MD of Rhino Consulting) is speaking on "Evil Walks: Conscious Capitalism" at 11:45 am on Monday 18th November at Excellence in Leadersh
I wrote recently about handbooks and keeping them short and simple and this week it's job descriptions as some of our HR audits are uncovering some
Nick Ulycz (COO at Domestic & General) is speaking about "Can Purpose Solve the Productivity Puzzle" at 9:45 am on Tuesday 19th November at Exc
As soon as I arrived at the conference venue, I was welcomed by a lady in charge of VIP and speakers.
Nicole Reading (Global Internal Communications Director) is speaking on "Is Technology the New Employee Engagement?" at 9:45am on Tuesday 19th Nove
I often hear people use the terms “listening strategy” and “employee engagement strategy” interchangeably. 
Jon Warwick (Group Head of Recruitment at Sainsbury's) is speaking on "Owning Diversity...when being an inclusive employer isn’t enough" at 3:45pm
Will Cook (CEO at The Parkinson's Trust) is speaking on "Repurposing Yourself, Your Team, Your Business & Drugs" at 3:15 pm on Monday 18th Nove
James Thornett (VP, Product Development at Ascential) is speaking on "Building a World-class Digital Team in your Company" at 9:45 am on Monday 18t
In a recent 2019 McKinsey & Company (October 2019) report on Woman in the workplace, it seems clear that some progress is being made but that o
Bob Cotton (Former Chief Executive of BHA) is speaking on "Communicating with a diverse, deskless workforce" at 1:45pm on Monday 18th November at E
Daniel Goldstein (Group CEO at Elements Talent Consultancy) is speaking on "The Future of Talent Acquisition" at 11:15 am on Tuesday 19th November
Employee experience (or, “EX”) has become a bit of a buzzword lately, but it’s not just a new term for an old idea.
Chris Saunders (Listening and Engagement Lead at Boots UK) is speaking on "Shaping our future, together - The 170-year journey of Boots" at 10:15am
Amanda Cusdin (Chief People Officer (ExCo) at Sage) is speaking on "Changing Face of HR" at 3:15 pm on Tuesday 19th November at Excellence in Leade
People working at the frontline make up the heart of the organization. They shape the brand experience by facing customers every day.
In part 1 of this exclusive video series with Jonathan Krogdahl, in partnership with Sevenstep, looking at how organisations can anticipate change
Nadine Thomson (Global CTO at MediaCom) is a leading our panel on "Leading from the other side: Are you ready to become the next generation NED?" a
Martin Kirke (NED and Consultant on HR & Change) is a member of our panel on "Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health & Ethics" at 3:15pm on Tu
In part 3 of this exclusive video series, in partnership with VONQ, Yasar Ahmad (Director & Head of Strategic Recruitment at Wipro) discusses h
When trying to drive increased business success, organsations tend to concentrate on technological innovation, but the secret to sustained improvem
Few would argue with the claim that employees are critical to business success.
As digitalisation continues to expand through an organization it is highly likely that there will be changes to working relationships.
Imagine how heavy it is to carry 30kg military backpacks. They wear these backpacks around the office.
Business is all about decisions, but let's look at decisions that changed world history.
Leadership is today’s buzz word akin to management in the 1980’s. You probably have been asked at least once, “Are you a leader or manager?”.
The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on "HR Transformation: Excellence in Delivery" in partnership with
Chuka Umunna (MP for Streatham) is one of our EiL Keynote Speakers discussing "Uncertainty: The Impact on Businesses & Politics" at 11am on Mon
In part 2 of this exclusive video series, in partnership with VONQ, Soni Sandhu (Strategic Recruitment Partner at Turning Point) discusses how tech
It should be simple: pay people fairly, treat them well, give them meaningful work, and they'll be loyal and productive employees for years to come
The best thing that can happen to people at work is to experience flow.
In part 2 of this exclusive video series with Ann Roberts (HR Director at MagicLab), in partnership with VONQ, looks at the importance of maintaini
Rob Cross (Founder of Muru Leadership) is one of our EiL Digest Speakers at 1:45pm on Monday 18th Novemberat Excellence in Leadership 2019, which t
Change is the only constant in business today. There has been a seismic shift in the way organisations operate, manage their people and work.
Let me start this post with a confession: I’m usually the last person to leave my office.
Helping someone solve a specific problem is very rewarding and usually involves very targeted coaching, but it is mentoring that I personally find
In this exclusive video, in partnership with Lace Partners people_tech Going on the Offensive event, Open Blend's Founder and CEO, Anna Rasmussen a