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I want to consign the annual appraisal to the history books or the corporate torture museum set up in memory of unproductive, inhumane HR practices
You've spent hours honing your CV, you've added detail, removed detail, have multiple CV's for different styles of roles and positions, but at the
In part 2 of this exclusive video, Stephen Sidebottom discusses the difference between being data-driven and data-led organisation and the importan
In this talk, Nicolas Petitjean will share the questions that keep him awake at night with the audience: What is experience design?
Companies are suffering from growing pains, especially within the HR space...
In part 2 of this exclusive video series, David Deacon (Talent and HR Executive) discusses his book 'Self Determined Manager' and what brought him
Gremlins are the little voices that sabotage your efforts to succeed.
One of my enduring nightmarish memories of corporate life in the late 20th century and early noughties was centred on the slavish adherence to the
In part 1 of this exclusive video, Stephen Sidebottom discusses the importance of understanding how to interpret and use data to make relevant chan
What do you know about your people? Who are your best performers? Where are your skills gaps? How engaged are your teams?
The Business Transformation Network recently hosted an event on ‘Unlocking Talent Potential: Time to change the game’ in partnership with
In part 1 of this exclusive video series, David Deacon (Talent and HR Executive) discusses his book 'Self Determined Manager' and what brought him
More than two thirds of the people around the world work away from the office at least once every week, and while that statistic i
What makes one company more successful than another? Is a committed motivated workforce a differentiator between two competing firms?
This organisation is a stock-market quoted firm owned by shareholders rather than being a family-owned business.
Sadly this article is not about the Transformers. Sorry. It is about something not as exciting but maybe just as important.
You start with end in mind and work backwards to establish the steps that you need to complete that will take you from A to B.
This is not just a fad.  It has to be the presenting question for all employees and all organisations.  What role do organisations play in changing
In this exclusive video, Suzie Lewis discusses how to build a digital culture and the importance of understanding data, data sets and how these cor
HR has evolved, albeit slowly, over the last few years.
When a business begins to envision transformation, flexible working is a theme that usually comes up early on in the discussions.
A few years ago someone told me about a pitch process she was involved in.
In my last article, I talked about the role of evolutionary psychology and the impact it has on your resilience in the modern world.
“The Future of Work”…a phrase that is guaranteed to get you a speaking slot at any HR/Recruitment conference/networking event.
I wrote recently about the importance of nudging as one
I had a meeting recently about coaching, the individual had recently been appointed to a leadership position in a large organisation, but were stru
Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” said Victor Hugo and we know this to be true today, in 2019, about talent pipeline automati
I saw someone today carrying a notebook that said: “I am an early adopter!”... Why is this a genius move for change effort? Let’s find out.
Everyone wants to be appreciated and respected, but what many organizations fail to realize is that this goes far beyond just the financial implica
With LinkedIn purchasing employee engagement platform Glint, no doubt 2019 will be crammed with people telling us how they’ve smashed Employee Enga
This is the second article in a series that attempts to explain ‘why we have a resilience problem’.
All businesses are a sum of their employees and HR, yet numerous organisations struggle to understand their staff, their needs and retention rates.
In under 12 months from now, it’s 2020, when all those surveys and white papers that we have read will supposedly come to fruition…yet it’s all fee
Over the last year or so we have been working with a group of actors (the same ones you see at places like Hampton Court and the Tower of London).
I remember last year my CEO asked me to find out how many working mothers we had in our employment (total pop m+f c 90k).  Although the data is not
The most important skill of an expert in managing change, is knowing how to identify what needs to change, for industries and organisations.
The reason we have a resilience problem is because we live in a world that we are no longer designed for.
Could you introduce yourselves and what you do?
There was a time when being labelled “conflict-averse” was something of a criticism.