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Hijackers are those people who try to take over your meeting and change the direction.
When reading articles on the Fourth Industrial Revolution it becomes obvious that this relates to digitisation and the way in which it will impact
Roderic will be talking on Friday 12th at 9:45am-10:15am on the topic 'Accelerating Delivery and Performance'.
On October 11/12th, The BTN is hosting a conference on Excellence in Leadership: Becoming a High-Performance Organisation.
In this exclusive video, Tim Ackermann (Head of Talent Acquisition Experience at Lidl) discusses how employee experience is changing talent acquisi
Here at People Perform we understand that developing a clear people strategy for any business comes with its own unique complexity. 
One of the things that makes leadership such a tricky subject is that it is all about behaviour. It is about what you do every single day.
Would you rather have an employee move internally or move out of the organization?
It seems like everyone today is trying to escape the 9-5.
Anton will be talking on Thursday 11th at 2:15pm-3:00pm on the topic of 'I can't wait for my boss to be a robot!'.
In part 1 of this exclusive series, Nadia Nagamootoo discusses what constitutes gender balance in the workplace and emphasises why it is important.
On October 11/12th, The BTN is hosting a conference on Excellence in Leadership: Becoming a High-Performance Organisation.
I'm not the first to say it and know it’s a strange thing to say, particularly for someone who spends their time supporting organisations to improv
On October 11/12th, The BTN is hosting a conference on Excellence in Leadership: Becoming a High-Performance Organisation.
Uber or Black Cab – Which is Your HR Function?
While I was attending a Leadership Retreat (CTI) last week, we were asked to identi
In a Utopian workplace environment, every employee would arrive with a smile on their face, diligently work on projects about which they are passio
Making sense of people data is a struggle for many HR professionals.
CEOs will often stand up and say that people are the most important asset in their business. And they’re right. But do they act like it?
If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work at a summer camp you’ll know it’s one of the best “jobs” you’ll ever have.
How many research papers do we need to read or edicts from top class CEOs before we get the message that in every organisation, it all comes down t
The two biggest issues faced by organisations today are the changing business context and the changing people context.
Organisations are shaped by the needs and demands of the eras they have travelled through.
One of the challenges involved in building a high performing team is selecting the right people.
How is Brexit currently mirroring most corporate change?
In recent times, more and more attention is given to the importance of mental health in the workplace.
We conducted a Q&A interview with Suzie Lewis, Managing Director at Transform for Value, around
Are great leaders born or made? Some would argue that only those born with certain personality traits grow up to be leaders.
How do you attract the best people, retain them and ensure you have a diverse and inclusive workforce?
During a recent conversation with a family member about the data-age, she shared with me that she never thought there would be so much data at her
We conducted a Q&A interview with Paul Heywood, Founder and Managing Director of Halcyon Life, rega
Mark De Stadler from Dale Carnegie discusses the main drivers of employee engagement.
Paul Matthews discusses the biggest waste in the training industry as the way we spend the training budget, instead of investing it in people.
You’re about to embark on a change programme, you’ve spent weeks or months planning the changes behind the scenes and you’ve announced the changes
Workplace Wellness programs are all the rage these days – and rightly so.
Design thinking has become a familiar concept in the business world with more and more companies adopting this approach to improve innovation and d
We are far better at planning for the short-term than we are for the long-term.
The Retail Banking industry is under immense pressure.
In part 3 of the series, Paul Matthews discusses informal learning, which describes any learning that is not scheduled, planned or mandated.