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The great resignation is upon us but will the wave crash into our organisations or can we try to ride it and bring our people on our hybrid journey
The world of work has evolved at such a rate over the past 18 months that the importance of being proactive rather than purely reactive with techno
Have you ever thought about the rise in digital transformation and whether the language needs to change?
The nature of a culture can make or break an organisation.
Don’t trust anything that you can’t verify.
“We are always going to be that strategic, niche, trusted advisor on your side”
Is this period one of the most important step changes for organisations in their ability to engage their employees?
The new and evolving work isn’t the big change that everyone keeps alluding to, it’s actually just a shift in which different things are at the top
In the 3rd and final part of this series with Sabine Weishaupt (Future Leadership Design - Chapter Lead at Deutsche Telekom), in partnership with P
Have you ever wondered what value you'd gain from working with an expert HR Consultancy?
Part 2 of this series with Sabine Weishaupt (Future Leadership Design - Chapter Lead at Deutsche Telekom), in partnership with PeopleSmart, looks a
Fancy explaining to your Board, shareholders and the City how you managed to waste over £100m and years of time and effort for nothing? 
As our working environment continually changes it is evident that what and how things were done yesterday will not be aligned with what and
Resilience and agility have been proven to be essential attributes for delivering against change throughout 2020…and we will continue to face rapid
Looking beyond stress, burnout, and scapegoating theories: What is really going on?
If 2020 was the year of survival, then 2021 is the year of maximising your workforce's potential.
As we continue this fascinating series around Leading into the Future, in partnership with PeopleSmart, we bring you Sabine Weishaupt (Futu
Retention is rapidly becoming key to business success from the very moment a new hire says ‘Yes’.
Organisations have never been under more pressure to pivot and adapt to changing priorities more than ever before.
The BTN recently hosted an exclusive roundtable with a1qa, an independent software quality assurance provider, focusing on driving transformation.
By this part of the series, we have covered how to open the job market up to a wider talent pool and have looked into how to make Job Specs inclusi
The BTN recently partnered with PGS Software, a leading software development services provider, for an exclusive executive roundtable around the to
In part 2 with Maureen Moran (Group Talent Director at Eramet), we look at the impact on the desire to learn, with a direct correlation to the virt
The world of work is changing at a rate that not even the brightest in industry could predict and a large portion of the change is truly for the be
Only a cultural shift across the Boardroom can move the needle
We welcome another insightful leader to this fascinating series around ‘Leading into the Future’, Maureen Moran (Group Talent Director at E
The key role operating models have in business transformation Introduction 
The impact of the pandemic has been felt by all organisations in various ways and, as businesses start to venture out the other side, planning for
The BTN was delighted to partner with Illumio, the micro-segmentat
The BTN was delighted to host its first virtual ERUPT of 2021 in partnership with 
As part of my journey in learning more about Neurodiversity and doing my bit in helping make the workplace accessible for all both now and in the f
The BTN, in partnership with Prolifics Testing, brings together some of the leading testing and qua
The BTN was recently delighted to partner with Globalization Partners, the le