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Jan 16

Co-creating Learning Organisations

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Jan 21

Ride the storm of digital change: Accelerate business excellence through people, process and technology

Jan 23

The BTN is delighted to partner with Sage People to bring our next HR focused event around 'The Changing Face of HR'.

The evening will be a VIP round-table discussion around some of the key transitions of the HR professional as organisations...

Mar 06

The BTN brings you our next event on the future of HR information systems.

The event will touch on making the most of the analytics in business transformation, effective communications and engagement for a modern organisation.

How can HR...

Mar 14

Whilst the ever-changing tech landscape is clearly an on-going improvement for consumers through the offering of new and better products on a regular basis, there are the repercussions this has on people working within the field.

This BTN event...

Apr 01

Arming leaders with the latest approaches to putting OPEX in the driving seat for a digitally-enabled business. Business improvement leaders are finding themselves at cross-roads as companies pour money into digitalisation initiatives in a bid to...