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Nov 04

The BTN is proud to bring you the 3rd in our series of VIP virtual roundtables which is focused around the issues and discrimination faced towards the black community.

Nov 04

A blend of Manual and Automated testing has been at the heart of the software world for many years but as technology evolves, AI & Machine Learning has the opportunity to take ownership of many of the repetitive tasks and relieve pressure off...

Nov 16

The Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference focuses on demystifying people and technology transformation

In 2018, we hosted our first 2-day summit on the importance of leadership in becoming a high-performance organisation...

Nov 26

The BTN is delighted to present their latest roundtable, focusing on the importance of agility within HR and the evolution of resilience in these uncertain times. The world of work has changed and has become even more digital: have HR leaders' roles...

Dec 02

The BTN is proud to partner with Cielo, by hosting an exclusive virtual roundtable, focusing on the evolution of the role of TA within the 'Diversity, Equity & Inclusion' area.

Dec 03

Das BTN freut sich, mit Kincentric eine exklusive Veranstaltung zu veranlassen, die sich auf das Thema "Employee eXperience" fokussiert.

Die Themen des nächsten eX HUB im November (dieses Mal virtuell) werden daher die folgenden sein:

Dec 03

The BTN is delighted to present their latest exclusive roundtable, in partnership with Starleaf.

Technology has become the enabler and in some cases, the solution, for allowing teams to...

Dec 03

The working landscape has dramatically changed and the majority would say for the better. The world of work has been striving for a more remote, more digital, more flexible way of working for years and the forced change that the pandemic has initiated...

Dec 04

2020 is certainly no ordinary year. It’s a year full unexpected, unplanned and unforeseen experiences. Yet through these unforgettable times, it has also been a year that has brought out the best and the worst of us as human beings the world over in...