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Nov 30

When times are starting to get tough, do you risk losing an employee or can you pivot and offer new opportunities internally?

Dec 01

How do we make sure that we have the capabilities in place for the future of our HR teams?

HR leaders need a way to benchmark their team's capabilities and understand how to build better HR/People functions for future needs.

Dec 01

Employees increasingly demand a hyper-personalised management approach that provides them with highly tailored experiences as well as helping them achieve their objectives from their employment.

Jan 19

We are delighted to partner again with Beamery, a talent lifecycle management platform, for an exclusive roundtable in central London.

Feb 08

We are delighted to partner with Proofpoint, for this attendee-led roundtable discussion, focusing on Data Leakage Prevention and Information Protection. Proofpoint is known for being the...