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Apr 26

The Business Transformation Network is delighted to bring you our next VIP Executive event, which is exclusively for Change Directors and Heads of Communications. This event provides an opportunity to network with senior leaders...

May 03

The rate of change many organisation’s face today can leave their people feeling emotionally detached, demoralised and left behind. For a company to be truly successful it has to have the buy-in of its employees. Employee engagement plays a big part...

May 10

The BTN is proud to be partnering with In-House Recruitment LIVE! which will be hosted in Manchester for 2018.

Over 1000 senior In-House Recruitment and Talent Attraction professionals will join this must-attend event for the North West of...

May 17

The BTN is delighted to introduce our latest networking event, which will be held at the prestigious Royal Over-Seas League in Mayfair.

How do you attract the best people, retain them and ensure you have a diverse and inclusive workforce?

May 23

The BTN brings you our latest VIP transformation event. This event is exclusively for C-suite and C-level Executives, Transformations Directors, Heads of Transformation and Senior Programme leaders. This event will allow you to...

Jun 11

CogX London 2018: The Festival of All Things AI

Date: 11th-12th June 2018

Venue Location: The Tobacco Docks, London, E1W 2SF

CogX convenes 3,000 leaders from across all industry sectors to explore the...

Jun 14

Venue Location: The Royal College of General Practitioners' Headquarters. 30 Euston Square, Kings Cross, London NW1 2FB

You are invited to experience the Talent Rising Summit, an exclusive event for talent acquisition leaders who...

Oct 11

What is the Excellence in Leadership (EiL) all about?

The EiL is proud to present our first 2-day summit to be focused on business transformation with an emphasis on people and technology...

Nov 29

The realisation that the world is suffering from a skills shortage that will only get gradually worse as advancements in technology come in, result in organisations putting talent attraction at the heart of their future business plans.

Is the...

Mar 06

The BTN brings you our next event on the future of HR information systems.

The event will touch on making the most of the analytics in business transformation, effective communications and engagement for a modern organisation.

How can HR...