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May 26

Halting recruitment seemed to be the first step for organisations in their preparation for the impact of COVID-19. However, not every company can afford to simply halt their hiring strategy and across a variety of industries, hiring couldn't be more...

May 27

Nearly all industries have been impacted by recent events but there is certainly a common theme across the board which focuses on the challenges around engaging your workforce when working remotely.

Should we be completely re-defining the way...

Jun 04

As organisations start to become more proactive with their activities and less reactive to the current climate, The BTN brings a VIP roundtable for senior leaders which will look at the post-pandemic working trends.

This roundtable discussion...

Nov 16

The Excellence in Leadership (EiL) conference focuses on demystifying people and technology transformation

In 2018, we hosted our first 2-day summit on the importance of leadership in becoming a high-performance organisation...