What Makes High Performing Teams So Productive?

What Makes High Performing Teams So Productive?
Wednesday, 27 June, 2018 - 18:30 to 21:00

The HR, Talent & Culture meetup group is in full growth mode. We love London, but are excited about expanding our events to other parts of the UK. Join us for our next meet up, sponsored by hibob and WeWork, in Manchester: The Biggest Secret in HR, Revealed: What's Really Making Your High Performing Teams So Productive?

We're all impressed - and more than a little envious - whenever we hear about small teams doing amazing things on a shoestring budget. When Facebook purchased Instagram, the latter only had 13 employees. And today's largest online retailer, Amazon, didn't even have the budget to afford a garage.

So, what is Instagram's and Amazon's secret sauce for success? And can we pour a healthy dose of it into our workplace environments?

There's nothing keeping your company from creating high performing teams. There are practical ways to boost productivity and improve your people's time management skills - without causing them to burn out. In fact, more productive teams tend to be made up of happier team members who are more likely to stick at around at one job for a longer period.

Join us as Sara Duxbury, Business Psychologist, Ben Whitter, Employee Experience Expert, and Viv Parry, Performance Management Expert, discuss how they've able to enhance both individual and team productivity for a wide array of organisations.

Network with other professionals in the area, and share ideas and your experiences over drinks and appetizers.

More about Sara

Sara Duxbury is a business psychologist and coach with Carter Corson, and the ultimate people person, working with organisations to ensure development is at the heart of people strategy. In her past lives as a people director, Sara has an extensive background in legal and retail, and has a pretty full awards cabinet, including Sunday Times Top 100, Guardian Great Places to Work and IIP awards. Outside of work, Sara is an avid Newcastle United supporter, showing she isn’t quite perfect.

More about Ben

Ben Whitter is one of the World's leading figures within HR & Employee Experience (EX). Ben is the Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) and Chairman of the UK EX Awards 2018.

Ben works with organisations around the World to help them define, design and deliver exceptional employee experiences. 

Recognized as one of the top 90 global influencers and experts in employee engagement in 2017, and again in 2018, and one of the top 30 HR Influencers in the UK, Ben works at the forefront of the EX movement; he is a trusted advisor, in-demand speaker & facilitator. 

More about Viv

Viv Parry is a Chartered Accountant, Business Owner, Board Advisor and Performance Management Consultant. Viv works with high growth businesses helping them to create and develop a strong leadership and management team. Viv uses her financial expertise to ensure that company performance is being effectively measured and reported; then finds solutions to help unlock the potential of the business putting culture and people at the core of her work. Viv delivers workshops and coaching on performance management and team engagement, using OKR methodology.