The Truth about Design Thinking and Change Management

The Truth about Design Thinking and Change Management
Wednesday, 27 February, 2019 - 18:00 to 21:00

The BTN is delighted to partner once again with the CMI (Change Management Institute) for their next event on the relationship between design thinking and change management.

Who invited Design Thinking to the Change Management Party and what has it got that I don’t?

Design Thinking is being widely adopted by organisations to help develop new strategies, products and services. However, does Design Thinking offer new ways of delivering change programmes in a way that derives real innovation and end-user engagement / buy-in?

To answer this question, The Change Management Institute has been working in close partnership with a leading design agency, Door, to get to grips with the tools of Design Thinking and how they can apply to change programmes. Phylnt (a sister company of Door) earlier this year launched a course dedicated to educating Change Practitioners in the tools and techniques of Design Thinking with the lens focused on challenging our common approaches to change and how applying design approaches could lead to previously untapped interventions and insights. 

Join us in London on 27th Feb 2019 as Door Founder, Lee Sankey along with several guests take a look at some of the key principles of what he calls "Design-Driven Change" and share reflections from those that have taken formal training as they talk about their experience as to how they have applied the tools and showcase some of the results that have been achieved. 

About our Speaker 

Lee Sankey is the founder of Door, a creative business consultancy that helps organisations discover and launch new products, services and businesses. With over 25 years experience Lee is a recognised business, design and innovation leader. He began his career designing running shoes for Puma aged 18 and has worked with global brands such as Volvo, Skype, Virgin, Vodafone and Yamaha on diverse projects spanning strategy,  product innovation, customer experience and new ventures. 

Prior to founding Door, Lee was Group Design Director at Barclays PLC where he was responsible for building and leading interdisciplinary teams to create and deliver the next era of financial services. He masterminded and helped to create their entrepreneurial banking proposition including the global ecosystem of Barclays Rise spaces for start-ups. 

In 2014 Lee was included in The Drum's list of the world's 100 most influential designers. He has spoken at numerous conferences, companies and universities including The FT, Harvard Business Review, BBC, O2, Warwick Business School and Wired. 


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