Racial Bias: Educate, React & Change

Racial Bias: Educate, React & Change
Wednesday, 4 November, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:00

The BTN is proud to bring you the 3rd in our series of VIP virtual roundtables which is focused around the issues and discrimination faced towards the black community.

The Black Lives Matter movement has continued to gain traction and prove that this isn't just a moment but a real global mindset transition. Anti-racism protests continue to emphasise the importance of this topic around the world, brands are coming out from behind the woodwork to showcase views on solidarity and togetherness but what action have organisations actually been doing at the heart? Action with hiring is a simple step that can drive black inclusion throughout your organisation but we need to look at diverse recruitment, promoting Black talent and importantly, investment in community outreach.

Doing a social media post about Black Lives Matter shows support for the journey to come but let us look at Executive Leadership Teams and company board, let us hear about your immigration assistance programs, let us read your diversity guidelines and promotion policies, show us the figures around the hiring of Black people and people of colour and more importantly, your retention results. Now is the time to look at organisations as a whole, globally, and understand that there is something pivotally wrong and then from there, address it and action a plan for change.

There is a lot to be said around people campaigning against racial bias but not taking the personal or organisational initiative to make an impact within society by using the voices they have. The roundtable will be a platform for like-minded business leaders to engage in a conversation which looks at how we, as a society, can start to move forward and make changes. The conversation will look at:

  • How can we as leaders educate people in order to tackle racial bias against black people?
  • How companies are or are not reacting to the recent BLM movement?
  • How can we ensure change is not just spoken about but actioned going forward?

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