people_tech 2019: Going on the Offensive

people_tech 2019: Going on the Offensive
Thursday, 10 October, 2019 - 09:00 to 17:00

What exciting new HR Tech innovations are going to be the ‘ones to watch’ in 2020 and beyond? How do you establish which are most important and business-critical for your team? How does HR step out of the shadows and put itself front and centre in terms of leading the strategic vision of a business?

people_tech 2019, brought to you by LACE Partners, gives you some of those answers. This invitation-only event is positioned as an informal, friendly and ‘non-sales’ environment where senior HR practitioners can network, learn about the latest emerging tech from some of the most exciting start-up technology companies that are growing rapidly in our space, as well as see live demos of how some of this technology could have a massive impact on the future of the business world. During our ‘Tech Safari’ delegates get an informal run-through of up to six cutting-edge businesses.

Underpinning the event is thought leadership piece HR On The Offensive, which identifies some of the biggest challenges that 22 of the most senior HR professionals from some of the largest global businesses, such as how do we evolve line managers in to people managers, how do we better use data, analytics and insight in the HR function, as well as how the HR profession can become better at championing itself.

Location: Illuminate @ The Science Museum, London

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