Paradoxes of Change – Can you help unravel the mysteries?

Paradoxes of Change – Can you help unravel the mysteries?
Wednesday, 29 January, 2020 - 18:00 to 21:00

The BTN is delighted to bring you an event from one of our partners, the Change Management Institute.

When you are deep into delivering a change, you may not always make the time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Most of us are self-aware and know this kind of perspective is vital to ensuring that critical signals that could make or break the success of the change are factored in.

How often do you step back and looked at change management with the same critical eye? Have you ever questioned the rules and mantras that provide confidence that change management can help solve business problems?  It can be a complex topic because there are many paradoxes associated with change, including:

  • Leaders need to give direction but employees want autonomy.
  • We need to invest in change and show the impact but we need to know the impact to secure the investment.
  • Change is usually driven from the top but it's the front line who know best what needs to change.

Are there more paradoxes that you can think of?  Now is your chance to explore these further and help smooth out these anomalies. This is sure to be a provocative discussion and is no way exclusive to experienced change professionals. In fact we know real innovation comes from diversity of thinking so whether you’re new to change, impacted by change or leading it from the front, come along and share your thoughts to help us mature new insights to raise our Change Management game. 

This session is planned to be run as a world café, expertly facilitated by Larraine Solomon and Kathryn Simpson, supported by Ket Patel, UK Co-Lead of the Change Management Institute.