Lean Industry 4.0

Lean Industry 4.0
Thursday, 15 November, 2018 - 09:00 to Friday, 16 November, 2018 - 17:00

Pioneering the transition into smart factory with lean thinking

Successful lean will lead to successful 4.0 implementation

Manufacturers seeking to optimize their operations need to understand the interplay between traditional lean management and Industry 4.0. Several studies of operational excellence programs in recent years have seen companies generate valuable synergies by implementing lean management and Industry 4.0 holistically, rather than independently or sequentially. Indeed, in most cases, the integrated application of lean management and Industry 4.0 — which we call Lean Industry 4.0 — is the most effective way to reach the next level of operational excellence. Manufacturers that have successfully deployed Lean Industry 4.0 can reduce conversion costs by as much as 40% in ve to ten years — considerably better than the reductions captured by the best-in-class independent deployment of lean or Industry 4.0. To capture the greatest bene ts, a manufacturer must tailor the application of Lean Industry 4.0 to address its specific challenges along the supply chain and at the plant level.


Key topics of conversation will be:

Design a lean thinking in your organisation:

  • Engage your leaders into continuous improvement in the factory
  • Enhance the manufacturing quality improvement & identify waste
  • Apply test-driven development to reduce factory’s cost
  • Use lean design to develop better product and focus on customer needs • Stay the lean course during the manufacturing
  • Deploy new technologies and be ready for the transformation

The transition into Smart Factory 4.0:

  • Understand the strength & the weakness of your manufacturing in the digital field
  • Set up a plan for transition to digital technology in a measurable way
  • Prepare your team for the transformation and enhance the engagement with the technology tools
  • Increase the connectivity between the factory floor & management using smart machines & cloud computing • Transform your manufacturing with Internet of Things (IOT)
  • The importance of IOT to op mise manufacturing processes
  • Redefine your factory with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Combining Lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0

  • Generate valuable synergies by implementing Lean manufacturing & Industry 4.0
  • Reach the next level of operation excellence in your manufacturing with lean 4.0
  • People are always important


The BTN is delighted to partner with the Lean Industry 4.0 event and would like to invite you to the conference in Barcelona, Spain.