Hyper Personalisation: Taking Action

Hyper Personalisation: Taking Action
Thursday, 1 December, 2022 - 18:00 to 20:00

Employees increasingly demand a hyper-personalised management approach that provides them with highly tailored experiences as well as helping them achieve their objectives from their employment.

UKG, a people operations solution provider, has recently published a report that explains that hyper-personalisation is the mass customisation of the employee experience. Technology is the catalyst for the approach but it also needs to involve all aspects of an organisation to deliver what an individual person needs, playing to their strengths and focusing on their own lives and agendas. This clearly demands a different way of thinking about HR and employers need to confront several challenges in implementing the approach.

The BTN are therefore delighted to partner with UKG for the latest VIP roundtable which will be held at the Bloomsbury Hotel. This will provide an opportunity to review the actions needed to introduce hyper-personalisation with senior HR leaders from across industries in a Chatham House environment.

The conversation will be led by Jon Ingham (Director at the Strategic HR Academy) and will consider appropriate actions within the following three sets of polarities, identified by Jon Ingham as key areas of focus at our recent ERUPT conference:

  • Taking action to enable broader employee transformation whilst continuing to provide a compelling employee experience
  • Delivering integrated high-tech and high-touch, hyper-personalised transformations that take people towards their aspirations
  • Combining increasing personalisation with required standardisation enables the approach to be scaled up efficiently, operating consistently, yet individualistically across an organisation. 

Whilst potentially quite daunting, many businesses are already taking simple steps towards hyper-personalisation and we hope you will be able to join other practitioners and us to review potential actions within your own organisation.

Simply sign up at the below link to register your interest.