Embracing Uncertainty whilst Building Business

Embracing Uncertainty whilst Building Business
Wednesday, 8 February, 2023 - 18:00 to 20:00

The past 2 years have seen many peaks and troughs for businesses with adaptations needed to both changing times and market volatility. As we navigate 2023, the uncertainty of our businesses' climate doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as a hurdle but maybe as a growth opportunity.

Annapurna is delighted to bring you our latest roundtable which will be invite-only to executive leaders at organisations that are not just looking to adapt but thrive in a world that we’re yet to understand.

The conversation will be an open and interactive conversation, led by a market leader, and will follow the below-talking points:

  • How will business strategy and day-to-day operations have to pivot to changing demands?
  • How will communication narratives be influenced internally?
  • What leadership team and styles will be needed for different business cycles and how will that need to be adapted for early stage, hyper-growth, sale or IPO?
  • Are there plans for a changing funding landscape with reduced investment and higher interest rates?

The likelihood is that the next 12 months will not be a period of big budgets and will involve plenty of transformation across both cultures and management teams but how can we continue to succeed?

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Refreshments will be provided and attendance is free. The location will be announced in due course.