The Effectivity Crossroad - Roundtable Series 5

The Effectivity Crossroad - Roundtable Series 5
Tuesday, 11 August, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:00

Is digital transformation just business transformation in a digital world?

The BTN is delighted to bring you the latest in our virtual roundtables for an exclusive senior HR & Transformation audience.

This series of roundtable discussions have focused around the evolving role of HR during the COVID crisis looking at the importance of communications with new technologies, long-term strategic planning, employee wellbeing challenges, workplace effectiveness and how to start building momentum within your organisation, amongst many others.

The latest session will look at the increasingly agile surroundings we have been working in recently, concentrating on HR's role in the large-scale strategy that has driven manager effectivity in this new, agile working environment. The conversation will look at this from three main perspectives, considering the following areas within these perspectives:

  • People: The up-skilling opportunity organisations now have
  • Process: The standard operating model and the model that we have come to work with recently, and what, if anything, can be changed within these?
  • Technology: Is the right technology being offered and how do we drive the right behaviour surrounding the utilisation of the new technology we are working with?

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