Europe to the US: How to build an international start-up

Europe to the US: How to build an international start-up
Wednesday, 5 October, 2022 - 08:30 to 09:30

As part of the Business Transformation Network's ERUPT series of events and content, we will be hosting a virtual panel discussion on Wednesday October 5th, for business leaders of European start-ups who have - or are planning to - establish operations in North America.

The rewards for successfully expanding your business to the US are clear, with access to new customers, investors, and talent. 

However, the path to replicating your success in a new market is more complex, and executive teams with a track record of success in the European markets are tasked with assessing when, where, and how to launch stateside.

The Business Transformation Network's online event will be an opportunity for sales leaders to gain insights & share best-practices from peers on topics including:

  • How to adapt a successful European GTM strategy for the North America market
  • Understanding and managing differences in business culture 
  • When and where to build your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams

This interactive panel dicussion will be live from 08:30am ET / 2.30pm CET.

To register your interest in this event, simply fill in your details on the below form and someone from the team will be in touch with more information.