ERUPT is the home for how businesses can scale, evolve and transform.

Over the last 10 years, The BTN has interviewed hundreds of the World’s leading business leaders and have recorded their case studies and insight into a series of video interviews which we release on a weekly basis.

ERUPT will be an evolution of the BTN as we look to showcase stories & insights from senior executives at international scaling companies that have not just disrupted but erupted within industry across people and technology transformation.

ERUPT is a series of international events which are attended by human resources and technology professionals looking to gain insight into the world of transformation. 

Check out a selection of our ERUPT events below:

Stockholm - How to Remain Relevant in an Ever-Changing Technological Landscape

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Copenhagen - Start-up to Scale-up

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Munich - Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent


Berlin - Hiring Excellence in Technology Talent (with Zalando)

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Copenhagen - Disrupting Old School Industries Through the Use of Digital Technology

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Berlin - Scale and Transform

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