Digital Transformation: Expectations vs Reality

Digital Transformation: Expectations vs Reality
Wednesday, 21 April, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

The BTN is proud to partner with Whatfix, a leading digital adoption platform, for an exclusive virtual roundtable focusing on the expectations Vs. the reality of embarking on a digital transformation journey.

Many organisations will claim that 2020 was the year they really progressed with their digital transformation, whereas in reality, it was simply a year when digital was forced upon them as a result of a culture change. There has never been a better time to take a wider look at your organisation and start to truly understand what situation you are in as an organisation on your digital roadmap. 

Transformations are hard, and digital ones are harder (McKinsey, 2018)

A common thread of challenges during 2020 has been the frustration around the lack of adoption of certain technology solutions that were purchased during a reactive situation but how do we as people leaders ensure our people are ready for the digital change? How can people drive transformation and embrace change to drive adoption? How can we effectively deliver knowledge and delivery to our employees whilst focusing on engaging and delivering a rich employee experience?

Join fellow senior People leaders for what will be an interactive and open discussing around the following key topics:

  • How can we understand our people prior to starting any digital transformation journey?

  • How can we create a culture of self-service and pull training?

  • Do we ever know if we have picked the 'right software'? How does adoption get measured?

The session will run from 4pm - 5pm GMT, with an extra 30 mins for Q&A.

To sign up to this virtual roundtable, fill in the form below and someone from the BTN team will be in touch.