Deploying Technology to Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Experience & Loyalty

Deploying Technology to Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Experience & Loyalty
Thursday, 17 June, 2021 - 09:00 to 10:30

The BTN is delighted to partner with PGS Software, a leading software development services provider, for an exclusive roundtable on 'Deploying Technology to Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Experience & Loyalty'.

In the modern business world, if you’re not keeping your technology current then you are probably losing. Following the last year, technology has become more important for business success, and survival than ever. Technology is being embraced in many areas of modern business, with organisations embracing the efficiency of technology to take on many roles, including improving customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a key driver for business success, but many businesses have had to adapt their customer experience to also work remotely. Businesses spend a vast amount investing in technology, but how can you embrace it to improve customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty?

The conversation will be an open and interactive discussion around customer satisfaction, how it links to loyalty and what technology can do to improve it.

The discussion will also consider the below points:

  • How to go from business-driven to tech-driven?
  • Embracing IT as a growth engine
  • How to bring your business into the future of customer experience, moving from old legacy systems to modern technologies?

The session will run from 9am - 10am Pacific Time, with an extra 30 mins for Q&A.

To sign up to this virtual roundtable, simply fill in the form below and someone from the BTN team will be in touch.