Advocate for Your Clients’ Success: Eliminate Barriers to Their Expansion

Advocate for Your Clients’ Success: Eliminate Barriers to Their Expansion
Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00

The BTN is delighted to bring you our latest webinar, which will be hosted by Barbara Mangan (Global Audit & Compliance Manager at Globalization Partners) & James Barron (Sales Director at Liberty Bishop International), in partnership with Globalization Partners, the leader in global expansion.

Your clients are likely considering downsizing city offices, as their employees have started relocating to different locations due to the pandemic. This opens a huge opportunity for them to hire employees no matter where they live, and your clients’ growth is good for your business.  
So, are you supporting their global hiring efforts? Do you advise clients on quickly securing talent in countries they want to target before their competition does?  

Your business infrastructure can be optimized to support your clients’ international expansion. But taking on the mammoth task of advising, coaching, and supervising clients’ growth is a big ask for your finance, HR and legal staff. Should it be your team or your clients’ teams who devote most time and attention to mastering the regulatory, operational, and financial laws of each country you wish to hire in? We think neither, so our global experts mapped out a blueprint for you and your clients to take their business global.   

In this session, Barbara Mangan, Global Audit & Compliance Manager at Globalization Partners and James Barron, Sales Director at Liberty Bishop International, will answer these questions:  

  • What barriers to global expansion are your clients facing?  
  • How can you help them overcome compliance challenges concerning international employee relocation?  
  • How can you guide your clients to find opportunities in new markets?  
  • What cultural differences, regulatory variations, and local hiring expectations will be crucial for your clients to know when expanding internationally? 
  • How are your clients reimagining the post-pandemic workforce and how does your support complement their expansion model? 

The event will run from 2pm - 3pm BST.