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On Tuesday 21 November 2017, Robert Gabriel Mugabe officially resigned as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Organisations can be agile without implementing Agile delivery and work models, and why agility doesn't equal adaptiveness.

 Adaptiveness is about the overall...

"Many CISOs live day to day under the sword of Damocles”

A controversial quote to begin with, I admit.  However, in the past few years, data breaches have become...

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High performing teams consistently show high levels of collaboration, innovation and deliver consistent results.

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Jan 25

In our first HR Analytics, Business Transformation Network, Roundtable Event in 2015 we discussed what skills are required to work in HR Analytics.

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Yesterday we hosted an event with Anton Fishman on "Fourth Industrial Revolution Series: The Impact of AI and Deep Learning on Organisations and The Future of Work".

Following on from Andrew Fox's recent article about the potential impact HR leaders could be making in their business through becoming "genuine key contributors to organisations".

Neil Roden is one of HR's most influential thought leaders over the last 10 years and has worked in partnership wit

Operational Excellence is Not Something New by Joseph Paris

There is a lot of content created around Operational Excellence and its companion disciplines – including; Leadership, Lean, Six-Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Project Management, and so on – which together comprise Operational Excellence (including the content produced by myself).  But are all of these concepts as “new” as some would have you believe?  Have they never been embraced or implemented in the past?

For your consideration;

How AI May Impact Jobs by Anton Fishman

In this exclusive video for The BTN, Anton Fishman (Digital and Talent Transformation Expert) discusses the potential affect AI may have on existing jobs, which new jobs it may create and how it could affect day to day work.

Anton starts with a brief overview of why AI is a hot topic in business at the moment. Following this, Anton discusses how AI could impact the job market and whether it will cause an increase in unemployment or will increase people's day to day quality of work.


Employee vs The Organisation: What problem are we solving for? by Jeff Wellstead

Part 2/5 - What is the Problem Statement?  According to several credible employee engagement studies, one in particular sponsored by Officevibe, being a global, ongoing measurement of the current state of employee engagement in 157 countries, across 1,000 organisations over 1.2 million data points, as well as global attrition data mixed with a relatively sudden shift in highly specialised skill and competency requirements emerging from new technologies…The data are overwhelmingly pointi

The Employee vs. the Organisation: The Mechanics of Employee Experience Design by Jeff Wellstead

Part 1/5  - Sounds like some sort of a media driven grudge match between two heavyweight prize fighters?  It is – based in large measure on my own challenging experience working for 15 companies over the course of 30 years – but as an HR Director, I’m also telling this story from thousands of varying perspectives, through the eyes of my customers (the employees whom I represented). 

HR Disruptions that Every Pro Should Know by Dave Ulrich

As part of the BTN's partnership with HR Congress, we bring you a 4 part series webinar from HR guru, Dave Ulrich.

Dave Ulrich looks at what the new disruptions in the world of HR that we should know and understand. Dave believes that HR is not about HR and begins by looking at HR practices and how HR can create value in the business. He looks at HR analytics and how technology has evolved within HR to improve efficiency, information and effectiveness.

The Gig Economy – No Jobs, Just Work by Joseph F Paris

Gig Economy

There has been a lot written lately of the “Gig Economy” – the notion that, in the future of earning a living, there will no longer be jobs, just work.  It’s an earnings environment where the supply and demand for skillsets are contracted between those that have a need and those who can fulfill that need.

Is AI as threatening as everyone thinks? by Anton Fishman

In this exclusive video for The BTN, Anton Fishman (Digital & Talent Transformation Expert) introduces the impact of AI & Deep Learning on organisations and the future of work.

Anton looks at the direct impact on business operations that AI could have and how AI can play a fundamental key part in revolutionising the way that work gets done. Anton touches on how AI is perceived as being a replacement for the current workforce but actually, it should be approached as a way of bringing bright intelligence to work side by side with humanity.