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In the latest video for the BTN, as part of our partnership with the Association for Business Psychology (ABP), Paul Teuton (Senior Principal at Daggerwing Group) speaks about his recent ABP award...

In the latest video for The BTN with a focus on Process, Andrew Johnson speaks about the importance of humans in the digital transformation process.

Andrew, a business improvement...

In the latest video for the BTN, Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) speaks about indoor positioning and unified networks. 
Warwick has extensive expert knowledge about unified networks through his...

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Sep 28

This BTN event will be hosted by Anton Fishman (HR, OD, capability and culture specialist) and will look into the impact of AI and Deep Learning on organisations and the future of work.

This session will cover:

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In this blog thread we can discuss openly the newest trends about Scala.

In this blog thread we can discuss openly about the newest technologies and trends within the DevOps space.

The Evolution of Design: Creating a Design-Centric Culture by Mariusz Ciesla


The TTN brings you a video from Mariusz Ciesla, a Digital Product Designer based in Berlin, about 'The Evolution of Design' within a company environment.

Mariusz talks about why design is so important to companies & the most important things to focus on when designing a new product.

Digital native. For the past eleven years, Mariusz has been designing & building digital products for wide variety of clients, from pre-seed startups to large government platforms. Currently, co-founder & lead of product at, a platform for sharing lifestyles.

Berlin International Software Development Conference


Following on from the Technology Transformation Network’s first international event in Berlin hosted by Eberhart Wolff about ‘Many Roads Lead to Microservices’, the TTN would like to introduce the Berlin International Software Development Conference.

The GoToConference is from December 2nd-4th 2015 and is hosted by well-known international speakers and is a great opportunity to learn, network & track the latest innovation occurring in Software Development’.

'Customer Experience, isn't that just another name for...' by Craig McVoy


The Business Transformation Network brings you an exclusive video from Craig McVoy about Customer Experience.

In the video, Craig looks at how different industry sectors associate Customer Experience with a variety of other parts of the business. He breaks down the various topics people believe to be customer experience and explains how they fit into the true description of this key business proposition.

All Roads Lead to Microservices - Berlin (September 30th 2015)


Great beer, great talk, great conversation: Food for thought on Microservices in the Inaugural TTN event in Berlin

With the setting sun over the river Spree and the wonderful surrounds of the 2C Spreequartier providing the backdrop, the inaugural event of the Technology Transformation Network in Berlin began.

Digital Transformation: Shaping your Strategy


Thursday 15th October - Haymarket Hotel, London
Digital Transformation: Shaping your Strategy

The latest BTN event was engineered to provoke discussion around the topic of Digital Transformation. A number of senior change & transformation leaders from across a wide range of business gathered to discuss the following topics:
1. Has the customer created digital? Or has technology changed the customer?
2. How to monetise/measure the benefits of digital transformation?
3. How do businesses demystify digital?

What all CXOs Need to Know about Risk in IT by Bjorn Ovar Johansson


Bjorn Ovar Johansson is the Founding Director of Senior IT Executive Limited and active as interim CIO in UK/EMEA. His most recent role was Interim CIO, Global IT at Pandora Group.
Based in Manchester, he also works as an advisor on Operational Risk Mitigation and Performance Management in IT.

In this exclusive video for the BTN, Bjorn speaks about what CXOs must need to know about operational risk and how to ensure management & IT work together to prevent IT failures.

Thinking about abandoning performance management? by Andrew Fox


Teaser Series

by Andrew Fox
Head of HR for Global Functions, Technology and Services at HSBC

About Andrew
Andrew has worked for his entire career in HR in Financial Services and Professional Services and is passionate about enabling business performance and people development.

Introducing the Association for Business Pyschology


Clodagh O'Reilly introduces the ABP for the HRTN.

Over the next 12 months, the HRTN will introduce some of the winners of the 2015 Workforce Excellence Awards.
Working with the ABP "To champion the use of Psychology to achieve effective & sustainable performance for organisations and people at work".
The winners of the 2015 awards can be seen at the below link: