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In the latest video for the BTN, as part of our partnership with the Association for Business Psychology (ABP), Paul Teuton (Senior Principal at Daggerwing Group) speaks about his recent ABP award...

In the latest video for The BTN with a focus on Process, Andrew Johnson speaks about the importance of humans in the digital transformation process.

Andrew, a business improvement...

In the latest video for the BTN, Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) speaks about indoor positioning and unified networks. 
Warwick has extensive expert knowledge about unified networks through his...

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Sep 28

This BTN event will be hosted by Anton Fishman (HR, OD, capability and culture specialist) and will look into the impact of AI and Deep Learning on organisations and the future of work.

This session will cover:

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In this blog thread we can discuss openly the newest trends about Scala.

In this blog thread we can discuss openly about the newest technologies and trends within the DevOps space.

Transforming a monolithic Desktop application into a cloud-connected subscription offering by Heiko Meyerdirks


Heiko Meyerdirks
"Transforming a monolithic Desktop application into a cloud-connected subscription offering"

Heiko looks at how to change the industry and transform the way customers do business, how the transition can be achieved for every single product, what the opportunities for a single product during the transition before he analyses what the challenges that can be faced internally or on a corporate level.

Personalising Everybody's User Experience Individually by Alexander Thomas


In this exclusive video for the TTN, Alexander Thomas looks at Personalisation of the User Experience.

"To Each Their Own Internet - Personalising Everybody's User Experience Individually"

Alexander begins his video with the reasoning behind personalising your user's web experience, then he moves on to who would be interested and the progression of personalisation within a web environment. Alexander also analyses the concerns of personalisation and why every site hasn't included personalisation at the forefront of their strategy.

25 Years in HR - Michael Doolin


In the latest video on the HRTN, Michael Doolin reflects on the changes he has seen over the past 25 years in HR.

Michael looks at whether there has been all change or no change, the journey of change within the HR function and draws from some personal experiences about seeing change in HR.

Michael Doolin is an experienced HR Director, whose career has spanned periods in Distribution, Business Services and Professional Services. He has held HR Director positions at companies such as International Airlines Group, DHL & PWC.

Defining Digital Transformation by Alex Butler


In the most recent video for the BTN, Alex Butler looks at 'Defining Digital Transformation'.
She delves into what sectors/industries are being most affected by digital transformation and who should be leading the change within an organisation.

Alex Butler has a broad range of board level experience in marketing and digital technology, and is a specialist in digital innovation and transformation, working across a number of industries.

'Excellence in Training & Development' Winner 2015 - Steve Apps


In this exclusive video for the HRTN, Steve Apps (Partner at Persona Partnership) explains how he won the 'Excellence in Training and Development' award at the 2015 ABP (Association for Business Psychology) Workforce Experience Awards.

Steve achieved this award through his work with Thorogood who are Business intelligence specialists providing consultancy around products from major BI vendors and employ approximately 200 people worldwide.