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Our workplaces have gone through some seismic changes over the past few years and the pace of change doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

There is some form of management reality beyond the “100 days” journalistic cliché: How does an incoming executive make an impact in a new role? What are the real timeframes to look at? What can...

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Mar 21

The BTN is proud to be in partnership with the London In-house Recruitment Conference which will revisit the Congress Centre in London this March.

Mar 22

The BTN is delighted to bring you an event brought to you by Sage People in their offices in the Shard.

Mar 22

The BTN is proud to partner with the 2018 Changeboard Futuretalent Conference.

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Latest Forum Topics

Yesterday we hosted an event with Anton Fishman on "Fourth Industrial Revolution Series: The Impact of AI and Deep Learning on Organisations and The Future of Work".

Following on from Andrew Fox's recent article about the potential impact HR leaders could be making in their business through becoming "genuine key contributors to organisations".

Neil Roden is one of HR's most influential thought leaders over the last 10 years and has worked in partnership wit

'Shaping a Customer Experience Strategy in a Digital World' Review

Customer Experience

On the evening of the 19th October, there was a gathering of CIO’s and other senior technology executives at a hotel in Soho to discuss and debate how organisations are shaping the experience of their customers in a digital world.

Major corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations were represented and given that wide experience base the conversations were far-reaching and illuminating.

Unaufhaltsame Digitalisierung: Herausforderungen & Chancen für den Mittelstand - Björn Minkmar

In einem exklusiven Interview für das BTN spricht Björn Minkmar, Head of Strategic Business bei Wer liefert Was? GmbH, über die Herausforderungen und Chancen, vor denen der deutsche Mittelstand aktuell steht. Minkmar geht auf die fundamentalen Veränderungsprozesse ein, die durch die Digitalisierung hervorgerufen wurden und erläutert wie Unternehmen darauf reagieren sollten. 

Shaping a Customer Experience Strategy in a Digital World

On Thursday 20th October, the BTN is hosting an event on 'Shaping a Customer Experience Strategy in a Digital World'.

The event will be hosted by Mike Sturrock, CIO at DX Group, with the major discussions around:

  • The use of data to improve CX
  • How to measure success of CX initiatives
  • Attraction & retention of digital customers


The event will be at the Soho Hotel and promises to be an evening with plenty of takeaways for attendees.

Reputation, Crisis & Hubris

Organisations across all business sectors seem to face reputational crisis every day. Some are an annoyance, while others can threaten their very survival. Matt will lead a discussion on how executive hubris forms in organisations, its role in causing crisis, and what we can do to combat and fix the harm it causes. His own experiences as an HR leader combined with his consulting work gives him
an industry leading, unique and potentially provocative perspective. This will be a lively and interesting evening on an always-topical subject.

VIP Event Future of Resourcing

After our previous extremely successful VIP events, the HR Transformation Network would like to introduce you to our VIP Resourcing event. As an important client, we would like to invite you to the

VIP senior resourcing event of the year. A panel of leading resourcing experts will be discussing some of the hottest topics with a select group of the most influential Heads of Resourcing in the UK.

This exclusive event is invite only. The night will be hosted by: Dee Dee Doke, Editor of Recruiter Magazine, James Ballard, Partner at Annapurna HR

Bjorn Ovar Johansson - Is it really easier to build a skyscraper than deliver an IT project as planned?

IT Projects

Pitfalls to avoid and IT project delivery best practice to improve the chances of successful management of IT investments

Successful IT project delivery could benefit from an analogy so CIOs, CTOs and senior IT leaders can communicate with the Board of Directors and executive management the best approaches to managing major IT investments.