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In the latest video for the BTN, as part of our partnership with the Association for Business Psychology (ABP), Paul Teuton (Senior Principal at Daggerwing Group) speaks about his recent ABP award...

In the latest video for The BTN with a focus on Process, Andrew Johnson speaks about the importance of humans in the digital transformation process.

Andrew, a business improvement...

In the latest video for the BTN, Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) speaks about indoor positioning and unified networks. 
Warwick has extensive expert knowledge about unified networks through his...

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Sep 28

This BTN event will be hosted by Anton Fishman (HR, OD, capability and culture specialist) and will look into the impact of AI and Deep Learning on organisations and the future of work.

This session will cover:

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Latest Forum Topics

In this blog thread we can discuss openly the newest trends about Scala.

In this blog thread we can discuss openly about the newest technologies and trends within the DevOps space.

Practical Advice for Diversity and Inclusion by Gergo Safar

Diversity & Inclusion is a popular topic these days across many organisations. However, only a few of them manage to ‘walk the talk’. Intentions are genuine, there is a consensus in the urgency to do something, in many cases ambitions (eventually targets) are set, but little progress is seen. Why is that? 

The presentation offers 5 pieces of practical advice on how to increase diversity in your organisation in an inclusive manner. 

Industrialisierung von IT-Services - Dr. Robert Müller


In einem exklusiven Interview für das TTN spricht Dr. Robert Müller – Management Consultant bei Swisscom AG, über die Industrialisierung von IT- Services.  
Swisscom AG hat seine Produkt-, Prozess-, Daten- und IT-Architektur im Sinne einer Enterprise Architecture vollständig verändert. Das Interview gewährt einen Einblick in die Hintergründe einer solch weitreichenden Veränderung, welche Erfahrungen das Unternehmen bei der Umsetzung sammeln konnte und wie eine weitere Entwicklung aussehen könnte. 

Trends for July in Business Transformation


The Business Transformation Network this week brings you a selection of current topics from the business change world.

IT project delivery - Is it really easier to build a skyscraper than deliver an IT project as planned?
The pitfalls to avoid and IT project delivery best practice to improve the chances of successful management of IT investments.

How to Set up a Microservices from Scratch (as a Greenfield Project) by Slobodan Utvić


In this video from Slobodan Utvić (Co-founder & Lead Architect at ComTravo), he looks at Microservices from a first-hand experience. Slobodan introduces why he chose to directly implement Microservices as opposed to the conventional 'start-up way'. He then looks at his step-by-step plan, his progress so far and if there have been any variations from his initial plan.
Finally, Slobodan looks at some of the issues and what the future looks like for his Microservices.

Microservices, Containers and a Cloud-Native Architecture for Middleware by Kai Wähner


In this exclusive video for the TTN, Kai Wähner (Community Director and Technology Evangelist at TIBCO Software Inc.) looks at Microservices, what they are from his perspective and why they have recently gained in popularity. Kai then looks at the emergence of Microservices as a direct result of Containers & Docker before delving into how to become really cloud-native.

Delivering Customer Centric Continuous Improvement - 9th June 2016 Event


On the 9th of June, The Business Transformation Network held a VIP event on Delivering Customer Centric Continuous Improvement, which was attended by Director level transformation professionals from a number of FTSE organisations and alike. 

Below are some of the key thoughts and notes from the evenings’ event, which will give you an insight into the discussion points: