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In part 3 of 5 from Neil Roden about planning and executing for Brexit change, Neil looks at how the length of the negotiation process will impact the outcomes of Brexit and the complications...

In part 3 of a series with GPI Performance, Kerstin Van Eckert looks at adapting a structure when going through a digital transformation.

This video looks at ‘Digitalisation & Structure...

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Jul 25

The BTN is partnering with the TechLawHub Meetup group to offer members the chance to attend a free meetup about Scaleups & Corporates.

Sep 28

This BTN event will be hosted by Anton Fishman (HR, OD, capability and culture specialist) and will look into the impact of AI and Deep Learning on organisations and the future of work, as part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series.

Oct 05

The focus of the event will be on the current developments within the UX landscape and will look at how the role of UX designers will drastically change in the next 10 years.

Ignite style talks will be held on the following 3 topics:

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Following on from Andrew Fox's recent article about the potential impact HR leaders could be making in their business through becoming "genuine key contributors to organisations".

Neil Roden is one of HR's most influential thought leaders over the last 10 years and has worked in partnership wit

Hello everyone,

In light of recent events I am very keen to discuss 'How secure is cloud technology?'

Indoor Positioning and Unified Networks by Warwick Taws

In the latest video for the BTN, Warwick Taws (CTO at Wittra) speaks about indoor positioning and unified networks. 
Warwick has extensive expert knowledge about unified networks through his Wittra product which has state of the art 'Internet of Moving Things' technology.

Warwick starts by looking at some of the challenges he sees at creating unified networks, how both indoor & outdoor positioning will revolutionise the Internet of Things and what Warwick views as what the future holds for Wittra.

How to be an Effective Programme Director by Mignon Mappleback

In this video, Mignon Mappleback (a Global Programme Director) looks at the role of a programme director and how operating in an effective role has a positive impact on business results. Mignon begins with looking at what defines an effective programme director and the importance around empowering your managers as opposed to hands-on management. She then looks at how change can be managed and the importance of being an effective story teller before delving from her own experience to analyse how businesses can directly help the leader deliver change at a director level.


Ian McLaren Wallace - Association for Business Psychology Winner for 'Excellent Innovation in Business Psychology'

In the first of The BTN's series of videos with the Association for Business Psychology winners, Ian McLaren Wallace discusses his submission around 'Archegyral Mapping: Transforming a Cultural Landscape'.

The video delves into Ian's submission and the presenting issue his client was facing. Ian then analyses what his approach to the issue was, what measurements were put it place to examine its impact before finally providing tips to anyone looking to use this process in the future. 


The Challenges and Opportunities of Video Streaming by Göran Appelquist

He explains how technological advancements such as VR and 4K are affecting the IT industry with a particular focus on Sweden. Lastly, Göran gives insight into what he sees as the future of video streaming and how he is planning to face the upcoming challenges.  


About Göran

Göran Appelquist has +20 years of experience from the digital video industry and currently is Chief Technology Officer at Edgeware. Before Edgeware, he held management and executive positions at Digital Vision. Göran has a Ph.D. in physics from Stockholm University.


HRIS: Become a Business Partner, not a Business Pressure by Michael Baker

In this insightful video, Michael Baker delves into his experience in the HRIS world to look at how to get value out of your HRIS. Michael then looks at the impact of digitisation before starting to look at what the future holds for HRIS. Michael's statements are backed up with regular facts from the HR world and give added depth to some great pieces of information.

The Future of Technology in Healthcare by Joachim Hedenius

In the latest video for the Business Transformation Network, Joachim Hedenius looks at the future of technology with a particular focus within the healthcare sector. 

Joachim analyses the state of technology within Sweden before giving some advice about how he would get a start-up off the ground. He scrutinises some of the challenges he has faced at starting a company within the health industry and how he overcame these challenges before giving some insight into what he believes is the future of technology and healthcare.

Culture Change & Leadership Transformation by David Young

David talks through the culture change from identifying the issues, to beginning the transformation, the key stages in the process, how success is defined and the legacy of the program itself.

This insightful analysis into how effective leadership transformation can operate within a multi-national company is an excellent example to follow if you are looking at developing an effective culture change program.

Part 2 - Why do CIOs and Change Leaders need to be great Story Tellers? by Bjorn Ovar Johansson

In the latest exclusive video for the BTN, Bjorn Ovar Johansson concludes his conversation about why communication is critical for CIOs and gives some tips and tricks he continues to use as a way of improving the chance of success.

In part 2 of this series, Bjorn looks at the last of his 5 tips where he covers, 'Why is it so hard to tell others what you want to plan, do and did?', 'Addressing the board and the art of triangulation' and why 'Great CIOs are great storytellers'.

Part 1 was released last week and is a must watch to precede these tips:

Why do CIOs and Change Leaders need to be great Story Tellers? by Bjorn Ovar Johansson (Part 1)

In the latest exclusive video for the BTN, Bjorn Ovar Johansson opens up the conversation about why communication is critical for CIOs and gives some tips and tricks he continues to use as a way of improving the chance of success.

In part 1 of a 2 part series, Bjorn looks at his first 2 tips which are 'In-source a communication expert' and 'Build a performance focused IT organisation'. Do you agree with Bjorn? Should CIOs be great storytellers?

Part 2 will be released next week.



5 Reasons Why Video Interviewing is the Next Game Changer for the Recruitment Industry

Amongst others, the written CV, the email, and then Linkedin, all disrupted recruitment methodology and process. Now video technology will be the next game changer for the recruitment industry.

There is no doubt.

Video is proliferating as a mainstream communications method both at home and within organisations, it is a matter of time before it becomes a mainstream recruitment tool.

Here are 5 reasons why: