The 3rd wave of enablement is here. Now! Are you surfing it, or about to be wiped out?

The 3rd wave of enablement is here. Now! Are you surfing it, or about to be wiped out?
Wednesday, 28 September, 2022 - 18:00 to 20:00

We are delighted to partner again with Mindtickle for an exclusive roundtable in central London.

There is a market correction coming that will impact most Enablement leaders. This represents the most significant opportunity in this space for those that understand and can apply "Sales Enablement 3.0" (as coined and defined by Roderick Jeffersons' book of the same name).

- What defines the 3rd Wave of Sales Enablement, and how far away are you?
- How do you get behaviour change if you can't overcome the forgetting curve?
- Sales managers are the single point of success or failure for most Enablement programs. 
- You'll notice there is no question mark in point 3 - If this is accepted as fact, what can be done to ensure more success?

In theory, companies are trying to do something about the readiness crisis: They’re tackling it everyday in the form of traditional sales enablement programs.

The goal is clear: You want to continuously hone different skill sets, tie the program to revenue outcomes, and customize it to individual business needs.

The reality is different: we launch these programs, often to much fanfare, and we get that initial spike in adoption, but when we don’t reinforce knowledge day-over-day, month-over-month, the science of the forgetting curve begins to kick in.

Without practical reinforcement of the knowledge that’s shared, sales reps begin to forget, and their performance suffers. There are a multitude of LMS and enablement systems that will give you this initial adoption spike, and wane over time.
All of this may explain why 90% of sales training programs fail after 120 days.

• You wanted continuous, and you get one-and-done
• You wanted revenue focused, and you get adoption focused
• You wanted customized, and you get generic


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